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We maintain a waiting list for young people to join Beavers and we constantly monitor this list and look ahead at when spaces will come up. We have identified a couple of periods in the future where we have gaps in the numbers on the list. One of these occurs in December 2015, another in May to August 2016. If you have a child who will be 6 at one of these times if you put their name our list now we can be fairly sure that a place will be available for them on their 6th birthday.

If you would like to add your child's name to our waiting list please contact the Group Scout Leader - gsl.1stbinghamscouts.org.uk - 01949 875057 / 07890 403448

Don't want to jump the gun yet but we may have found someone to take over running the Troop - a volunteer from out of the blue who spotted one of our posters on a town noticeboard!

We also have a new regular helper who has come forward from the ranks of the parents as a result of our recruitment efforts.

While discussions proceed the Troop will continue into January; a further announcement will be made in due course.



Stamps and Post Boxes are in the Natural Health & Therapy Centre, Eaton Place, Raw, Market Square, Bingham Town Council Offices, Church Street, Post News, Bowland Road, Bingham Bowls Club, Long Acre (evenings only). Stamps are also available (no post box) at the WI Hut on Thursday mornings.

Stamps are 25p and we will deliver your Christmas cards to Bingham, Radcliffe and Saxondale (but nowhere else!). We will deliver them by Christmas Eve.

A reasonably successful event - a profit of £55.50 and a few more bricks sold.

Thanks to Dickie & the couple of Leaders (& their children) who were there to help. A big thank you to the 6 people who contributed cakes for us to sell - a shame we failed to persuade more of the 130 families in the Group to donate cake, if 20% had contributed we may have added £200 to our profits.