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A 17 seat minibus (and trailer) available for hire by Scouts, Guides & other charity, voluntary & community groups.

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New Beaver Colony opens on Thursday 7th September at Archbishop Cranmer School, Aslockton.

more on the EVENTS page


Bingham Co-op have included us as one of their Local Community Fund beneficiaries. This means that Co-op members can nominate us to receive 1% of the value of their purchases of Co-op brands in store. If you are a Co-op member please visit the Co-op website and nominate us, if you are not already a Co-op member perhaps you could think about it? You can do it online, or in store, or see one of our section leaders for a copy of the Co-op membership application form.

If plenty of people nominate us we could get several hundred pounds towards new camping equipment from this.

Our new Colony (our 3rd) will be named "Cetus" following the Group tradition of using star constellation names. It will start on Thursday 7th September at 6pm (to 7pm) and will meet at the Archbishop Cranmer School in Aslockton (we couldn't find anywhere suitable in Bingham).

Nichola Harbourne (presently ABSL with Lynx) will become the BSL (Beaver Scout Leader) and we have our first volunteer from the new parents to help her. We will still need to recruit more help to make sure the Colony can run safely and effectively. We will also need to replace Nikki's role in Lynx to make sure that that Colony has adequate helpers.

There will be 12 or 13 Beavers in Cetus in September and we will add a few more over the next few months. Eventually (sometime next year) moving to a full Colony of 24. Opening Cetus will relieve the pressure on our waiting list, there will still be a list but waiting times should come down from about 2 years to just a few months. But we would still encourage everyone to get their child's name on the list as early as possible; the Colony will fill up quickly and the list (and waiting times) will soon increase.

We'd love to hear from potential volunteers, for the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, please get in touch for a chat. Have a look also at our recruitment page where there is a lot of useful information.