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Several meetings have been held with various interested parties including: the County Council (Young Peoples Services and the Property team); Toothill Academy; Rushcliffe Borough Council; Positive Futures and a couple of councillors (Martin Suthers and John Stockwood). Notts County Scouts also came along to one of the meetings.

There are as yet no conclusions, but I must say that things are looking a little better. There seems to be a shift towards supporting us and some (I believe genuine) concern for our problems. This does not of course mean that everything in the garden is rosy, there is still a long way to go and a lot of hard negotiating to undertake.

An important discovery is that the lease between the School and the County Council does not provide for an automatic hand back of the building to the School. Any future arrangements for the building will need to be the subject of negotiation. This is not as good as it first appears - the Council still have no money to keep the building open after the end of September, so at the moment we still have no home, but various options are being discussed and nothing is yet cast in stone.

More meetings are planned and pressure will be maintained to try and secure a favourable outcome for us, and quickly!

More on this soon.

Contact the GSL:


01949 875057 / 07890 403448