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Justin Ashmore has now joined us to take over from Jackie as Beaver Scout Leader in the Aquila Colony. Welcome Justin. Jackie will gradually hand over to him over the next few weeks with a view to completing the transition by the end of October.

We still need more formal help in the Colony (Assistant Leaders as well as helpers); we need to comply with Scout Association safety rules. There are a couple of Dads who are thinking about becoming Assistant Leaders on a part-time basis, this would be great, and even better if we can find one more person to do the same. This could mean that we could guarantee 1 of 3 being at the meeting every week. This limited involement could persuade someone to volunteer? Please get in touch.

We still really need to open a third Colony to cope with the large number of young people on the waiting list. As things stand, even with with the 2 Colonies it is very likely that some on the waiting list will never get a place in Beavers!

But it's not just Beavers where we need help, Leaders are needed in Cubs and Scouts too; the pressure for spaces is high and we must maintain the sections we have and plan for the future to open more sections to cope with all the young

In August this year 11 Scouts and Explorers from the Group along with 2 Leaders joined a County trip to Estonia. One of the participants, Alexander Munn, has written an interesting account of the trip - read it here.

people who want to join.

Get in touch, have a chat, we'll not pressure you we'll just give you all the information you need to make a decision. Take a look at our new RECRUITMENT page. Don't be afraid that you can't do it, that you've no experience - that's how most people join us, they learn fast and enjoy it while they do. Please think about it; chat to someone; help us!