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Leadership Issues

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The planned meeting for ALL interested parties was held on 20th Nov. The turnout was very disappointing - 3 parents + 3 further parents who are also leaders in the Group + 1 other leader offering moral support! Not an overwhleming number when there are over 160 young people in the Group.

Unsurprisingly there was no positive outcome from the meeting apart from a few ideas for further advertising our needs; these will be pursued.

With the lack of progress it looks increasingly likely that Orion will close after Christmas.

We maintain a waiting list for young people to join Beavers and we constantly monitor this list and look ahead at when spaces will come up. We have identified a couple of periods in the future where we have gaps in the numbers on the list. One of these occurs in December 2015, another in May to August 2016. If you have a child who will be 6 at one of these times if you put their name our list now we can be fairly sure that a place will be available for them on their 6th birthday.

If you would like to add your child's name to our waiting list please contact the Group Scout Leader - gsl.1stbinghamscouts.org.uk - 01949 875057 / 07890 403448

In the three months since we announced that the Leader of the Orion Scout Troop would be leaving at Christmas no-one has come forward to volunteer any help – time is running out. If no replacement is found, we will have no alternative but to close the Troop. This will immediately impact on the Scouts in that Troop as there is nowhere else for them to go (the other Troop is full). The effects will also be felt straightaway by the Cubs in both packs as there will not be sufficient spaces for those Cubs looking to move up to Scouts.

This is not a situation we wish to see, but without volunteers we have no alternative. The Scout Group, and each of the sections within it, only exists because people volunteer their time to run it. There is no central pool of leaders we can call on, no professional cadre of supply leaders waiting in the wings, without volunteers we close.

There will be a meeting (for ALL interested parties) on Thurs 20th Nov at 7.30pm at Wykeham House to answer questions and to try and find a solution.