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Aquila Beaver Colony

We have only one full leader in the colony + helpers. This means that if the leader cannot attend a meeting the meeting cannot legally take place. We MUST have more volunteers prepared to take on a full leadership role - without more help of this type we will have to seriously consider whether we can keep the Colony open.

Gemini Cub Pack

One of the Leaders in the Pack will be leaving after Easter and this too places us in the situation of needing more help. Our ability to keep these sections running depends entirely on more volunteers coming forward.

The District St George’s Day Parade & Service will take place at Nottingham Forest Football Club (the City Ground) on Sunday 24th April.

This is a very important event in the Scouting calendar; it is an event to celebrate Scouting & for all members of the Scout Association to renew their Promise.  Because of its importance attendance by all members of the Group is expected.

General Leadership Issues


St George's Day Parade


Contact the GSL:


01949 875057 / 07890 403448

Since being told a couple of weeks ago that we are being evicted from Wykeham House at the end of this month (March 2016) we have been searching for alternative meeting places for the Scout Troops. We are pleased to announce that from 18th April Perseus will meet at Church House on Monday evenings (same times as usual). We have a likely venue for Orion also, we just need final confirmation before we can announce it; but it will be same times at before and still on Thursdays.

We also have some storage for the equipment, its not perfect as we won't be able to use the stuff on a regular basis, but at least we don't have to throw it away.

We have re-established contact with Bingham Town Council in the hope that they may continue with an earlier offer to help us find land on which to build a Scout HQ. This will clearly be a long term project, and a very expensive one (£300k-£400k at first estimate). We will need lots of help!

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